Monday, September 22, 2008

Silver Sisters Stash Swap!

My packages for the Silver Sister Stash Swap are complete! Yay!

They turned out exactly how I wanted them too. Can't wait for everyone else's to start rolling in so I can get the final packages put together to send back to the gals! Natalea has already sent hers in and it is GORGEOUS!

Here are the tiniest sneak peeks I can offer of my swap packages! Don't want to give too much away!


jenny fowler said...

oooo girl! i wish i was in your swap! :) everything looks yummy! we should do a small "roomie" swap so we'd only have to make 2 swap packages. think about it and if you are up for it i bet heidi would be too! or we could a swap where we each get one el partnero and do it in an el circle-o. eh? said...

I love hosting swaps, it is so fun to see all the goodies arrive!