Monday, July 21, 2008

Silver Bella!!!

I have decided to attend Silver Bella! It's expensive but worth every cent.

Oooh, and even better, today I won homemade bath salts from my favorite blogger/treasure hunter/artist ever, Karla Nathan!
Such a great person and I want to meet her at Silver Bella in Nov. and buy up oodles of her creations!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

slightly bored

You Are 1: The Reformer

You're a responsible person - with a clear sense of right and wrong.

High standards are important to you, and you do everything to meet them.

You are your own worst critic, feeling ashamed if you're not perfect.

You have uncompromising integrity, and people expect you to be fair.

At Your Best: You are hopeful, honest, and inspiring. You bring out the best in humanity.

At Your Worst: You are intolerant, judgmental, and picky.

Your Fixation: Resentment

Your Primary Fear: Being corrupt.

Your Primary Desire: To be good.

Other Number 1's: Al Gore, Martha Stewart, Gandhi, Celene Dion, and Spock from Star Trek.