Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight and Thanksgiving Plans

Okay, I admit that I saw Twilight. :) Most people love it just because of the books (and I did read the 1st one about 4 years ago), but I LOVED this movie because it was so great. The storyline was awesome, the actors were superb, and the whole thing was just so romantic. It was the 1st movie I have seen in awhile that didn't have to stoop down to sophomoric vulgarity just to amuse the audience. I was pleasantly surprised. The music was beautiful and I plan on buying the soundtrack for once.

Okay, enough ranting about this super hyped up movie. :)

I am leaving to go back to Nebraska (land of Silver Bella) on Wednesday to visit family for Thanksgiving. Should be a fun time at the airport! I expect that this adventure will be interesting because I have not spent a holiday with this side of the family since I was in 2nd grade (12 years ago) and I don't really know what to expect. Oh well, I'm always up for excitement. I promise to take lots of pictures (of what, I don't know, since I will be in the Boonies) to make up for the lack of Silver Bella photos (even though they are not comparable).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig...

I’m back from Silver Bella in Omaha and it was by far the most amazing time of my life so far. I felt so at home with everyone; especially my roommates, Heidi and Jenny. Spending time with those two was by far the best part of the trip. They both were so sweet and fun.

I dragged my camera all the way there and back but I did not take a single picture of anything so I am snagging 1 of Heidi’s.

My roomies- Jenny Fowler and Heidi Gordon with awesome Karla Nathan

Vendor Night was fabulous! I spent an arm and a leg but it was well worth it since stuff like that is hard to come by out here. As annoying as I may have been I couldn’t pass up Karla Nathan’s booth and Wanda Clark’s booth and had to hit them up multiple times. Thank goodness they were so patient with me!

I took some great classes with top notch teachers. Carolyn Peeler was awesome and her projects were simple to do yet really, really pretty. Jenni Bowlin was a sweetheart and really personable. Kim Kwan was the loudest person ever but so incredibly hilarious and generous. And last but not least, Charlotte Lyons was great as a teacher and entertaining as she regaled us with stories of Mary Engelbreit and herself. (I’ll post pictures of my projects later.)

Thanks to all the great instructors for the wonderful classes. Thanks to Teresa McFayden for organizing this great event (and to all her helpers).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Silver Sister Stash Swap

So I am just going to be lazy and not write too much but these are the Silver Sister Stash Swap packages. These 9 women were so amazing and they put in such hard work to make this a great success. Thank you all!

Heather Ales
Julie Baxley
Natalea Kandefer
Michele Witchell
Marian Ballog
Stephanie G. Hirschberg
Michele Geller
Stephanie Oyler
Jana Perenchio